The Show

A tradition that keeps surprising its audience every year

The Wereldkersticircus will again live up to its name this season! Only the best numbers from around the world have been contracted to be a part of the most beautiful family event in Carré this year. The Wereldkerstcirucs is without a doubt a tradition, one that always manages to surprise its audience! The show only features acts that have been awarded at some of the world’s most prestigious circus festivals, such as the Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, Paris, Beijing and Moscow.

This year’s main attraction is world famous clown Bello Nock, who according to Time Magazine is “America’s best, and hardest working clown in the world.” Bello Nock is more than a clown, he is also a daredevil who performs dangerous but comic stunts, a mix of Buster Keaton and Charles Chaplin.

For the first time the Wereldkerstcircus has brought in artist from Vietnam: the Giang Brothers. They received a standing ovation after their head-on-head balance during the Circusfestival of Monte Carlo.

You will not find a circus more beautiful than the Wereldkerstcircus in Carré. According to experts the Wereldkerstcircus belongs to the top circuses in the world.


Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam

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