World Christmas Circus

Nowhere is circus better than in Carré

The Greatest Programme ever!

With world records at the world’s top

120 artistes

The 32nd World Christmas Circus, which the Royal Theater Carré is hosting from 22 December to 8 January 2017, is raising the bar this year in terms of the number of artistes. For the first time in 32 years, 120 people will be involved in this mega production, justifying the slogan “The greatest programme ever”.

This year, the World Christmas Circus, one of the best according to circus lovers, presents another world record show with acts performing their record stunts in the ring. The programme is also proudly celebrating the return, the seventieth birthday and the 65th anniversary of circus icon FREDY KNIE JR., director-owner of the Swiss National Circus Knie. Fredy’s motto in life is: ‘A day without horses is a lost day’, and now he is making his comeback with one of the “crown jewels” of international circus history: his magical horse carousel with 25 horses in the ring at the same time. In Monte Carlo, this act was rightly awarded the Golden Clown, the Oscar of the circus world.

But more gold is glittering in and above the ring!

With 26 artistes, the Great Chinese State Circus from Beijing presents its two best Golden Clown winners: the beautiful Diabolo girls in a ballet style presentation and a brand new hoop number featuring a world record jump of three metres high.

The National Circus of Pyongyang (North Korea) also has a world record act: a Russian trapeze with flying artistes whose  twenty metre jump is the longest in circus history. This act was also awarded Gold in Monte Carlo, but the current jump breaks the former record of 18 metres by another 2 metres!!

Nearly all the acts have received awards at the international circus festivals in Moscow, Monte Carlo, Paris, Wuqiao and Sochi.

In Sochi in 2015, for example, the Russian trapeze act by Alexander Skokov was voted the very best act in the world during the Master Award, a sort of Oscars for the top acts. The Skokov group is the only Russian Swing act which is only performed by young women.

The same applies to the Pas de Deux on horseback performed by the young and very talented circus couple of today, Joszef Richter and Merrylu Casselli, who met in the ring and got married earlier this year. Their Pas de Deux on two horses is an ode to classic circus.

Another award went to the sensual tango in the air by the beautiful Ambra and her husband Yves. Their act is a true dance of love above the ring.

Other prize winners are the clown Rob Torres who, after a season with Circus Knie, is now making his debut in Carré, giving his own style and interpretation to classic reprises.

So this 32nd World Christmas Circus not only offers a record number of artistes, but also a programme in which classic circus joins the new style circus in that magical and now Golden Carré circle, called the ring!


Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam

Thursday 22 December 2016 until Sunday 8 January 2017

Or call: 0900 – 25 25 255 (€ 0,45 p/m).